Be moved not driven with our new Renault Clio ad - an exciting mix of timeless style and modern joie de vivre. 
"Be moved, not driven - Renault CLIO"

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(Lyrics) Here I am, I'm just a man 
I'd like to tell you something I don't understand 
Oh there's something out there that I've never ever seen 
The most delicate creature 
She would be the queen of the streets 
A precious love that is lifting me higher 
But I don't even know her name 
Ooh, she's on fire 
She's every man's dream and my desire 
She's like the candy that your daddy told you you can't touch 
Ooh, she's on fire 
Just tell me how do I make her love me 
And still stay loyal to the game

Written Text

Renault CLIO 
Be moved, not driven 

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