Mrs. Hooper gets upset when she thinks she’s been robbed. The Hoopers’ good neighbor is there to calm everyone down. 
Kevin Garnett, Damian Lillard, DeAndre Jordan, Chris Paul star as "The Hoopers". 
"State Farm® Commercial - Robbed"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We got robbed! We got robbed! We've been robbed! Hey! We got robbed! 
My rings! My rings are gone! 
You ain't got no rings. 
Sure don't. 
Don't worry, Mrs. Hooper. If you ever do get a ring, State Farm can cover your jewelry in case of a robbery.  
Mama's got no rings.  
Really, baby? 
I want a ring. 
Someone needs to change this baby. Whew. 
State Farm. Keeping your home court covered.

Written Text

The Hoopers 
Presented by 
State Farm 
NBA | State Farm 

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