Kelly wakes up the morning after her ultimate, ultimate "game party" to a house that is a disaster. She picks up her phone (which was lying in a kiddie pool full of chips and empty Red Solo cups, and finds message after message from her party guests, telling her how much fun her party was the night before.  
"Ultimate, Ultimate Game Party: The Aftermath"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We all thought he was on his last legs, but he came out... I don't know about... 
Attention Kmart Shoppers, this year throw the ultimate, ultimate game party. 
(Lyrics) One helluva party 
One helluva night 
Gonna get the best I've ever been

Written Text

Awesome Time Kelly! 
All Hail the Party Queen! 
WUT WUT!!!! 
We gotta do that again 
You da man, WoMAN! 
You seen my dignity? 
Slow Cooker $19.99 
Buy One Get One Free Chips 
RCA 50" TV 
Save $200 
A Shop Your Way Partner 
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