Columbia, SC Mayor Steven Benjamin makes the case that Hillary Clinton will fight for an America where “all of our sons and daughters have a chance to achieve their God-given potential.” 
"The Letter | Hillary Clinton"

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I'm the mayor of South Carolina's capitol city, but this is my most important job. It's why I took the time to write an open letter to my daughters, explaining why I'm working so hard to elect Hillary Clinton. Yes, I know she'll get equal pay for women, make college more affordable and stop the Republicans from taking us backward. But I also know that she'll fight for an America where all of our sons and daughters have a chance to reach their God-given potential. Let's move forward with Hillary Clinton. 
I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.

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Stephen K. Benjamin 
Mayor - Columbia, SC 
Equal Pay 
Affordable College Education 
Let's Move Forward 
Vote For Hillary 
Saturday, February 27th

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