I am self funding my campaign so I don’t owe anything to lobbyists and special interests. I will bring the greatest negotiators and smartest operators to Washington to help Make America Great Again! 
"Self Funding - Donald J. Trump for President"

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I know the best people and I'm totally self-funding my campaign. So I don't have to take donors and special interest people and lobbyists. I don't have to bring them in. I know the absolute best people and I'm bringing them with me to Washington. We will have the greatest negotiators in the world negotiating against China and Japan and Mexico and Vietnam and all of the many countries that are ripping us off. We're gonna bring our jobs back. We're gonna bring manufacturing back. We're not gonna be the patsies. We've been patsies for the world for too long. It's going to end. I've got the best people in the world and we're gonna use 'em.

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Self Funded Campaign 
Make America Great Again!

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