When those special moments in life come around, Sonoma Goods for Life™ wants you to be able to focus on making family memories. That's why they make it easy, simple and fun to outfit your family from head-to-toe in exactly the style (and comfort) they want. For #AllTheGoodStuff, shop Sonoma Goods for Life™ at Kohl's and 
"The Big Piano Recital from Sonoma Goods for Life™"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics about... 
Hey Haley, break a leg, huh? 
That's rude! 
That means you're gonna be fantastic. 
Oh! Well, thank you. 
Are you nervous, honey? 
A little.  
I'm gonna rock this thing! 
Now that's the good stuff. The Sonoma Collection. Only at Kohl's.

Written Text

Goods for Life 
Now That's The Good Stuff 

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