Introducing #TeamSpeedo - a group of over 200 of the world's leading swimmers. 
These athletes have the winning elements highlighting the extraordinary DNA of a winning team, showcasing commitment, dedication and achievements. Find out more here: 
Featured in the video - Ryan Lochte (USA), Missy Franklin (USA), Thiago Pereira (BRA), Sophie Pascoe (NZL), Mireia Belmonte (ESP), Cam McEvoy (AUS), Nathan Adrian (USA), Alia Atkinson (JAM), James Guy (GBR) and Florent Manaudou (FRA). 
"Team Speedo - The Winning Elements"

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(Lyrics) Have you ever seen a man not afraid to die 
Gave his life for a dream  
Born hustler so the game conceived 
A caged beast but now i'm free 
How can you blame me i was born for this 
The game chose me 
Now I've been training for this my whole life 
Carpe diem, seize the moment right 
We gon' turn up and rock plenty ice 
This is our time yeah I'm 'bout that life 
i'm a street dude teach dudes to think quicker 
Would take over the world but yo i dream bigger 
Never satisfied I'm trying be richer 
And pour out a little bit for those who ain't with us 
Ready ready 
I don't get ready I stay ready 
'Cause the consequences is heavy 
My man D said he 
Would never quit even though the thing's heavy 
We push like a 7-7 Chevy 
Boy's ready 
Ready ready 
I tried to to you you ain't ready 
Don't want it with us so stop lying 
Show me a dude caring, i'll show you a boy dying 
i ain't lying 
We are self built, self made, self sustained 
Self seekers, selfish, yo I'm trying to get paid 
My whole click since '06 
Was on the bottom now we running this 
Grind hard when the load gets heavy 
The money was slow but now it's ready you boys is not ready

Written Text

Team Speedo 
The Winning Elements 

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