"Tree: Gecko Journey - GEICO" 
The gecko's car gets stuck in a tree so he calls GEICO's Emergency Roadside Service. 
This ad shows the Geico Gecko calling the insurance company to take advantage of their roadside assistance. He tells them his car is stuck in a tree. While we think he is stuck *up* in a tree, he's actually stuck *inside* a tree. He was driving his car in a hole/tunnel cut through a Redwood (or is that a Sequoia?).

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Uh, hello, Geico? Yeah, I was just talking about your emergency roadside service, and it's available 24/7, and then our car overheated. What are the chances? Can you send a tow truck please? 
Uh, the location? You're not going to believe this, it um, it's in a tree. 
I wish I was, but it's literally stuck in a tree. 
A chainsaw? No, all we really need is a tow truck. 
Day or night, Geico's emergency roadside service is there for you.

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