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"Apple TV — The Kiss"

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This still isn't working. 
Really? I-I thought it was... 
No. It's, Siri, go back seven seconds. What angle are you guys at here? Is that 25 degrees? 
I don't know, I guess.  
It's 25.  
Your mouths are open a little bit. Is there tongue? Is there a little bit of tongue? I don't see tongue. 
Some tongue.  
Hi, guys. Need you on set for the kiss.  
We'll be out in 5, thank you. 
Siri, find Game of Thrones. 
No, no. No no no. You mind? Open Apple Music. 
What? What are you doing? 
Play Jeremih. Oh yeah. 
Yeah, you know what? We're good. 
We're overthinking it.

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