Get ready to play with the LG G5 and Friends! 
Life’s Good when you Play More. 
This ad for the LG G5 shows a fight scene on a subway car/platform, a street dance-off, an unfortunate explosion in a fancy restaurant which resulted in a motorcycle rider catching on fire. But not to worry, a man holding two fire extinguishers, while standing atop two running bulls puts that motorbiker's fire out. All of the characters in this ad are played out by English action film star, Jason Statham, as a catchy little tune plays in the background.  
"LG G5 : Jason Statham Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Get ready to play. The LG G5 with modular design. The first phone built for fun.  
(Lyrics) Watch me now 
Watch me now 
Watch me now 
Watch me now 
Watch me now

Written Text

LG G5 
& Friends 
life's good when you play more 
Life's Good

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