Lil’ Sweet is back with a new album! Diet Dr Pepper Records presents, “Victory is Sweet,” a sweeping musical odyssey exploring everyday victories and sweet rewards. 
"Lil’ Sweet’s Victory is Sweet (Album Promo)"

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He touched a generation with his songs of everyday victory. Now, Lil' Sweet is back with a brand new album. Diet Dr. Pepper records presents Victory Is Sweet. With hit singles like, Eleventh Heaven and No Stone Unturned. Free at Void where music is prohibited. 
(Lyrics) Your phone is blowin' up 
We're like number 11 
(Lyrics) You searched your pocket 
The remote was there

Written Text

Victory Is Sweet 
Lil' Sweet 
Not Available In Stores 
Eleventh Heaven 
Victor Among Victors 
No Stone Unturned 
Lookin' Good 
As Seen On TV! 
The internet is standing by

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