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I'm back, America, with my Colonel Quality Guarantee. So look for this flag with my face on it, give it a little salute, and then enjoy the world's best fried chicken. 
"Kentucky Fried Chicken | Pledge"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I pledge allegiance to the flag, unitin' all Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants. And to the Colonel for which he Sanders. Which means, hand breadin' and freshly preparin' chicken the hard way. So, I came back to make sure my chicken is still finger lickin' good. And retrain every single one of my cooks. Because makin' a real finger lickin' family meal is hard work. There was a time everyone loved my chicken! And it's time for those past times to be present times again.  
Hello. I propose you give our chicken another chance. Taste our commitment to Colonel quality and see that all is well. One freshness, under American farms, daily hand-prepared, so help us Sanders! Chicken. Colonel quality guaranteed!

Written Text

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Symbol Of Quality Saves Boy 
Kentucky Fried Chicken 
Colonel Quality Guaranteed

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