"Introducing Penney Days"

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Remember when a penny was worth something to you? At JCPenney, we're making a penny worth something again. Introducing Penney Days, where we're bringing back the value of a penny. This week, Arizona apparel and accessories are buy one, get one for a penny. That's right, just one penny. It's a brand and a deal you won't anywhere else. That's getting your Penney's worth. 
(Lyrics) Everybody's got a feeling 
Make the best of your life 
Know you're worth it, baby 
Everybody's got a feeling 
Everybody's got a feeling 
I'll be by your side 
Know you're worth it, baby

Written Text

Penney Days 
Arizona apparel & Accessories 
Buy One Get One For 1ยข  
Get Your Penney's Worth 

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