"Amazon Prime Commercial - Lion (Japan)" 
Amazon Prime saves the day when this young family's dog is feeling a bit left out. 
This ad shows a family with a new baby. The dog is interested in spending time with the adults and tries to get near the child, but the baby starts screaming so the dog walks away. The dad notices how sad the dog looks so he pulls out his phone and orders something from Amazon. The baby seems to like a toy lion, so the man bought the dog a lion mane that it can wear and the baby loves the dog after that.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I wish I could ask you 
How was your day? 
We may be different 
But also the same 
Close we could be 
Just you and me 
And together feel the love, my dear 
And never apart

Written Text

Sunday Morning 
Amazon Prime  
Evening the same day

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