"PLAYOFFS: EVERY SECOND COUNTS" tells the story of how during Playoffs, at any second, basketball can affect culture and change the world. The NBA postseason is a thrilling journey of survival delivering a high level of intensity, energy and excitement for fans night in and night out, so you must tune-in to see what happens next. Any second can make a difference and has the potential to change it all. The original song was developed in collaboration with Timbaland.  
"NBA Playoffs: Every Second Counts"

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It's the playoffs. East and West with the 16 best. Coolest celebrations set off new trends and ignite reactions. Amazing moments that create expression. At any second, let's reshape the world and become a legend.  
(Lyrics) To get in the game

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This Might Change It All 
NBA Playoffs 
This Is Why We Play 
Playoffs Begin Saturday 

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