Step inside the home of the X-Men. Professor Xavier's School for the Gifted. See all that this incredible home from the movie event of the summer, X-Men: Apocalypse. 
"Home of the Week: X-Mansion from X-Men: Apocalypse"

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Welcome to this very special episode of our Home of the Week series, where we step inside some of the world's most incredible luxury homes. Today, I'm coming to you from inside the X-Mansion. Located roughly 40 miles outside of New York City, near its own private waterfront, Brickstone Lake, this lavish property offers homeowners the perfect balance of quiet, high-class privacy and convenient access to our nation’s most storied regions. In its near 300 years of service, this estate has been the primary residence for New York's elite society. As well as the students for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters - an exclusive private academy run by renowned geneticist, Professor Charles Xavier. I'm here in Professor Xavier's office and study. The built-in mahogany bookshelves, stained glass windows and the view of the lawn would make any well-read home-buyer swoon. With well over two dozen bedrooms, the sleeping quarters are split into two wings on the second floor, creating plenty of space for even the largest family or a boarding school of gifted children. While every effort has been made to carefully preserve the historical and architectural integrity of the above ground structure, the subterranean levels were customized to fit the needs of its current owner. Perhaps two of the properties most uniquely desirable features are its underground R&D lab, complete with a fully functioning power amplification device, as well as a private underground jet hanger. Perfect for those unexpected last minute trips. The X-Mansion estate represents the pinnacle of luxury and innovation for both humans and mutants. And is our Coldwell Banker Home of the Week. Please visit And be sure to catch X-Men: Apocalypse in theaters May 27th.

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