Make your house a Summerhouse. 

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Begin where it ends 
End to begin 
Knock on the door so you can get in 
And don't mind the time 
Forget all that's been 
Get lost in a park 
Find a tree that will last 
Find a secret path that leads to her house 
Climb the stairs to the roof, lay flat on your back 
No use feelin' down, get rid of that frown 
Take a walk on the sunnyside 
Take a walk on the sunnyside of  
Wash up in a stream, let it take away

Written Text

Make your house a Summerhouse 
It's a state of mind 
All you need is a change of view 
That's where we come in 
Bring the outside in 
Crisp white and blue 
Refined natural textures 
Whites and stripes 
A change in season 
Calls for a change of color 
Crate&Barrel - Summer 2016 

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