Over the course of his impressive 18-year career, Peyton Manning has reached out to hundreds of people with sincere handwritten letters. Recipients have included teammates and rivals, family and friends, coaches, celebrities and fans alike. Now, after 18 years, Gatorade pays tribute to the Sheriff using his own words.  
Tony Dungy, Former Indianapolis Colts Head Coach 
Jon Scott, Indianapolis Colts Equipment Manager 
David Cutcliffe, Former University of Tennessee Quarterback Coach & Current Duke Head Football Coach  
Pam Frenzel, Mother of Tyler Frenzel who was treated at the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital 
Jeff Saturday, Former Indianapolis Colts Teammate 
Eli Manning, Brother 
Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos Teammate 
Derek Jeter, Former New York Yankees Shortstop  
Brandon Stokley, Former Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts Teammate 
Archie Manning, Father  
Chris Mortensen, Journalist  
Brandon Washington, PeyBack Foundation Scholarship Recipient 
"Dear Peyton | Gatorade"

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Ah, there it is. This is the thank you letter I received right when he was leaving college.  
This is a letter my husband and I received after our son Tyler died. 
This is a letter I got after I retired. 
After I was drafted. 
This is what Peyton wrote to me right before the Super Bowl. 
I hope this letter finds you well.  
I was looking at some pictures yesterday and it made me think of you. 
We've had a wonderful 7 years together.  
It has been an honor to have called you a teammate for 13 years.  
I am grateful for you love and support, and I know you have my back. 
I feel like we've had a special bond.  
It has been a privilege to have watched you play over your career and I'm honored to call you a friend. 
You did it the right way. 
And I knew that you loved to win and hated to lose with the same passion as me. 
You know I've always looked up to you.  
To play as long as you did and at such a high level, it is incredible. 
You've taught me a lot. 
I have great respect for your work ethic and team first attitude. 
It wasn't always easy. 
Some things you just can't control. It's OK. 
You're the best teammate I could ever ask for.  
It was an honor to play with you in Indy and again in Denver. 
To be Broncos together. 
It's been a great ride.  
Keep grinding. 
I wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life.  
Congratulations again. 
Tell the family hello. 
Love you, pal.  
I'm proud of you. 

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