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"Still The Most Shocking Second A Day" 
This is our world. These are our children. We must save child refugees. 
This ad shows about a second a day in a little girl's life. She is living what we consider a normal life, then war comes and she becomes a refugee and is split up from her parents.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Happy birthday to you 
Country's just not safe anymore. We've got to leave. 
Into the deep dark... 
The fighting's getting closer. 
That's the hospital 
Camps have been raided 
Merry Christmas 
How are we supposed to get from there to there? 
Just take the things that you need. 
See you there. 
We've only got enough for one. 
I will find you. You ring me when you get there. 
I'm not getting on the boat without you. 
Drowned. Just turn on. Mom. 
Come on. We've got to keep going. 
Quickly. Come on. 
I want my mommy and daddy. 
No, I'm good. 
Are you related? 
No. I mean yes. 
We found a family for Alfie. He's all I've got left. 
16th of May, 2003. 
Is today Happy Birthday? I hope you made a wish. And what are your parents' names? Lilly I know this is hard.

Written Text

More Than This Patric Ness 
Missing Dad & Husband 
Life & Death - The Daily Recorder - Is Nowhere Safe? 
No English / Pas D'Anglns 
Refugees Welcome 
It's happening now. 
It's happening here. 
#SaveChildRefugees - Save Child Refugees 
Save the Children

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