Every day, in homes across the country, parents and caregivers do something extraordinary: They help build the foundation for their child’s lifelong learning. 
This Mother’s Day, Vroom set out to celebrate one of these amazing caregivers, and everything she does for and with her child. 
This is the story of Camellia and Cammie, who became a family just one month after Cammie was born. Now at the age of five, Cammie thanks her mother, for every moment they’ve shared together—from simple games like hide and seek, to the most common of routines—like cooking, cleaning, and washing their dog. Everyday moments that have had a profound impact on Cammie’s early learning. 
"Vroom - #WhatMakesASuperhero?"

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She came in a special way. Different from everybody else in the world. I was really kinda scared to have a baby in a house by myself. A little infant, you know, what do you do? And that was something for me to get used to, 'cause I don't have any children of my own. You know, birth any children. It eventually comes to you and just taking care of her. I wanted to give her the best chance in life possible. I just hope I'm doing a good job.  
Hello, come in. 
How are you? 
Good. Good. Good. Come in.  
I'm right here and my mom is gonna be right here. My mom is a superhero. And real happy. We make food together. And I like to play with her a lot. She plays with me and plays hide-and-seek. I'll seek for my mother and then she'll seek for me. She likes to fix my room and she likes to fold my clothes and she likes to put things that's mine together. And I help her fold the clothes. Went in space and I found something from the moon. I found a flower and that's why I brung it to her, 'cause I'm the only one that saw it on the moon. She gives me hugs too, and she do the same things like I do. She puts me to bed. She gives me flowers, too. And that's why I love her. I love you, mommy.  
Thank you. 
I learned something new today. I never knew I was a superhero like that. I'll be doing it and, you know, you just do it out of routine. You know, the little things that you do together, they take notice. You see, they take notice of it. It's remarkable.

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a vroom story 
We invited kids and those who care for them to the Children's Museum of Art.  
While we talked with their caregivers, the kids worked on something special.  
Camellia is Cammie's aunt. She became her foster mother one month after Cammie was born.  
Two weeks later 
Cammie had something to show her mom.  
Every little thing you do is greater than you know.  
To Moms 
And anyone who's ever been someone's superhero 
Happy Mother's Day 
Make every moment a brain building moment 

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