Bring home the weekend with KFC. This ad begins with a man leaving work on a Friday. He leaves the office on roller skates, enjoying his commute home, picking up a bucket of KFC chicken along the way.  
"KFC Rollerskater"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Have a nice weekend. 
Thanks, mate. 
(Lyrics) Up every morning just to keep a job 
I gotta fight my way through the hustling mob 
Sounds of the city poundin' in my brain 
While another day goes down the drain (Yeah, yeah, yeah) 
But it's a five o'clock world when the whistle blows 
In my five o'clock world she waits for me 
Nothin' else matters at all 
'Cause every time my baby smiles at me 
I know that it's all worthwhile, yeah 
No one owns a piece of my time 
And there's a five o'clock me inside my clothes 
Thinkin' that the world looks fine

Written Text

Bring Home the Weekend 
It's finger lickin' good

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