The All-New 2017 FIAT® 124 Spider gives you a feeling of freedom that’s even more fun than flying. Turns out we’re not the only ones who feel that way.  
When you add stylish, Italian design and a powerful 160-horsepower turbo engine to this two-seater convertible, just going for a drive will redefine “free”. 
"Free Like A Bird | 2017 FIAT® 124 Spider | Feat. Wyclef Jean"

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We all want to be as free as the birds. But maybe the birds want to be as free as us. The all-new Fiat 124 Spider. More fun than flying.  
(Lyrics) Free fallin' from the skyline 
Nobody gonna stop my shine 
Feel the wind when I'm blowin' right by 
Speed in my ? control my time 
'Cause I'm free like a bird 
'Cause I'm free like a bird 
I'm gonna  
I have to be my

Written Text

Fiat 124 Spider 
Fiat proudly supports Freedom Conservation 
A game-changing, global movement that helps protect threatened birds of prey through creative conservation methods.  
Fiat worked closely with Jacques-Oliver Travers, the world-renowned falconer behind Freedom and his magnificent white-tailed eagles to capture the bird's eye view camera.

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