"Haves vs. Have-Dones" 
Own the experience on Groupon. This ad features very rich people (the "Haves") and contrasts them with people who have fun living their lives (the "Have-Dones"). The Haves sit around their pools, mansions, Jacuzzis, and sports cars with their expensive furniture, furs, and statues. The Have Dones do exciting things like aerial acrobatics, jumping from a tower into a muddy pool, eating in restaurants with big fires, getting their hair dyed, going to the spa, sky diving, jumping into a pool of foam cubes, running through a water obstacle course, and indoor skydiving (vertical wind tunnel).

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

There are two kinds of people in this world: the Haves and the Have-Dones. Haves, Have-Dones. Haves. Have-Dones. At Groupon, we applaud the Have-Dones. For they know what they've done. They will always have. If you're going to own something, own the experience. Groupon. 
Aissera, oje Nanniné, me ne sagliette, 
tu saje addó, tu saje addó 
Addó 'stu core 'ngrato cchiù dispietto 
farme nun pò! Farme nun pò! 
Jammo, jammo 'ncoppa, jammo jà, 
Jammo, jammo 'ncoppa, jammo jà, 
funiculì, funiculà, funiculì, funiculà, 
'ncoppa, jammo jà, funiculì, funiculà! 
(English Translation Lyrics) 
I went up this evening, Nanetta 
Do you know where? Do you know where? 
Where your hard heart can't reach 
With scornful wiles! With scornful wiles! 
Come on, come on! To the top we'll go! 
Come on, come on! To the top we'll go! 
Funiculi, funicula, funiculi, funicula! 
To the top we'll go, funiculi, funicula!

Written Text

If you're going to own something... own the experience.

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