"Limited Sweat Edition – Urbanears Active" 
Seven creative individuals worked up a sweat in a pair of Hellas headphones.They were sealed in a bag post-workout to keep the sweat as fresh as possible. Display them as art or pop the bag open and give them another go (they are washable, you know). Featured in this film: Knox Robinson, WildaBeast Adams, and Amanda Bergman sweating it out in the Mojave Desert. 
This ad shows three people training in the desert while wearing the sweat resistant over the ear earphones. Everything starts out normal - a woman jumping rope, a man shooting hoops with a basketball, and a man running. Then a man with a control box starts turning up the difficulty level. The jump rope gets thicker and heavier, the basketball hoop gets taller, and the terrain gets steeper. Soon the difficulty level is turned up so high, the athletes get extremely sweaty and they just can't compete anymore. After the training, they take the earphones off and bag them for later cleaning.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Woo. Yes. Very good.

Written Text

WilldaBeast Adams, Basketball, May 5, 42 min 
Amanda Bergman, Jump Rope, 37 min 
Knox Robinson, Running, 46 min 
Urbanears, Active Hellas Wireless 
Urbanears Active Limited Sweat Edition 
On Sale. Sweat Included (Yes, they are washable)

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