The new campaign from Burberry, featuring Edie Campbell and Callum Turner.  
Shot in London by Mario Testino, under the creative direction of Christopher Bailey, and reimagined by British artist Luke Edward Hall.  
Luke has also hand-painted the backdrop to selected campaign images, blurring painting and photography for the new Burberry campaign.  
"A Patchwork - The new Burberry campaign"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Adios, adios 
Adios to your afternoon 
But tonight I will be forever following the ? 
To a certain room 
Adios, adios 
I'm sorry for quickly jumping into the train 
I waited but no one came 
You're just to late 
The decision is mine 
The decision is mine 
So let the lesson be mine 
Let the lesson be mine 
The decision was hard 
The decision was hard 
And the vision is mine 
The vision is mine 

Written Text

London, England

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