A young boxer is in the ring, practicing as the coach is relentless with his criticism. The boxer finally has enough and asks the old man what he knows about boxing. The coach tells the boxer to cool down, suggesting they go to PIzza Hut for pizza. Once the two are seated in the restaurant, the server brings a hot pizza to the table. The coach asks what's going on, and the server tells him the pizza is from the man in the corner who says he learned everything about boxing from the coach. The coach and the young boxer look to the corner booth to see none other than Muhammad Ali sitting at a booth with two young children.  
"PizzaHut Muhammad Ali Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What are you doin' out there? Drop the right hand, come back with that hook! Double hook I want. Stick! Come on! You ain't gonna hit nobody with that shot. Forget about it. You don't know what the heck you're doing! Come on, you wanna be somebody? The jab, go! You wanna be a fighter? You ain't nothin'!  
You're full of it, old man! What do you know about boxing? 
Cool down, kid. Let's go get a pizza.  
What's this? 
It's from the man in the corner. He says you taught him everything he knows.  
Sometimes nothing brings people together like a nice, hot pizza from Pizza Hut.

Written Text

Pizza Hut 
Good Friends. Great Pizza.

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