d-CON Four/Gone 
With Muhammad Ali and d-CON it's a foregone conclusion that roaches are dead.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I can whoop anything on two legs, but even me - the greatest - needs help beating things with six legs. I mean roaches. I'm gonna show you how can whip roaches with dCON power d-CON Fourgone. It's not like regular sprays. Fourgone is a automatic room fogger. It wipes out roaches in a whole room. 
I don't want you living with roaches. Wipe 'em out with d-CON power. d-CON, more power to ya.

Written Text

Muhammad Ali 
d-CON Fourgone 
Wipes out roaches in a whole room 
d-CON four/gone

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