Muhammad Ali sits at a table, being himself - the Louisville Lip. Meanwhile, his mother is in the kitchen preparing a Birds Eye Quarter Pounder burger for him. As Muhammad Ali is going on about his greatness, adding that he's afraid of no one, his mother puts the plate holding the burger in front of him, telling him to just eat his food. Muhammad Ali looks at his mother and stops talking, starts eating. 
"Classic Ads: Bird's Eye Quarter Pounders with Muhammed Ali"

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I am the greatest. I'm three times heavyweight champion of the world. As pretty as I was the day I started. I'll be remembered as the greatest heavyweight champion of all time. I'm so great, I don't realize how great I am. I'm afraid of nobody. 
Son! Eat your burger.  
Yes, mama.  
What do big mouths have for tea? The Birds Eye Quarter Pounder, packed with beef. It takes a big mouth to eat a big burger.

Written Text

Birds Eye Quarter Pounders

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