This is a commercial for d-CON roach traps from 1979 featuring the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali, explaining the new roach traps that kill roaches without using poisons.  
"D-Con Roach Traps w Muhommad Ali 1979"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I told you I don't want you living with roaches. Now I'm gonna show you how to kill roaches where you don't wanna spray, like around food and dishes. Get yourself d-CON Roach traps. No poisons and no spraying. Roaches get trapped inside and wham!, they're dead. When the trap's filled, throw it out. Power but no poison. I think they're beautiful! Especially since your picture's on the box. d-CON roach traps, more power to you!

Written Text

Muhammad Ali 
d-CON Roach Traps 
Kills Roaches Without Poison 
No Poison

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