This commercial for Inside Sports, the sports news magazine, features Muhammad Ali in a boxing ring, loosening up as Howard Cosell tells Ali all about the October issue of Inside Sports.  
"TV Commercial - Muhammad Ali / Howard Cosell"

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Muhammad Ali, the October issue of Inside Sports really zeroes in on football, basketball and hockey.  
Only zeroes I care about are those in my bank account.  
40 pages on basketball and hockey. Inside Sports also tells you why Monday Night Football is tougher on announcers than players. And guess who's on the cover? 
You mean I finally made it? 
I hate to tell you this Ali, but it's Howard Cosell, Don Meredith and Frank Gifford.  
Howard Cosell? Who's he? 
You just read October Inside Sports. At your newsstand now.

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Inside Sports 
Monday Night Madness 
At your newsstand now

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