Commercial for Sports Illustrated with free Muhammed Ali video. Recorded in 1991. 
"Sports Illustrated commercial with Muhammed Ali video - 1991"

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We went to the fight capital of the world and asked the fans, who's the greatest heavyweight ever? 
By far it's Muhammad Ali. 
Ripping punches... 
Muhammad Ali! 
The challenger goes down again!  
Muhammad Ali. 
Who's the heavyweight champion of the world?! 
Sports Illustrated presents Muhammad Ali, the video. See his pro debut, his fights with Liston, Foreman, Frazier, Spinks and more! And the video is free with your paid subscription to SI. 
Get it, find out who the Greatest Of All Time is. 
Liston goes down. 
He jabbed, he fought, he danced. 
He float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. 
Keep your camera moving 'cause I'm kinda fast. 
A sharp right and Folley goes down. 
It brought back memories. Things I'd seen and hadn't seen. 
All the fights, all the interviews. 
Muhammad Ali, he took 'em all on. 
Sonny Liston! Bonavena. George Foreman. Joe Frazier. 
Name in the round and all that, people thought that was a fluke.  
He wanted to go to heaven, so I took him in seven. 
You don't see boxers like that anymore.  
And George Foreman goes down! Foreman goes down. 
And the Muhammad Ali video is free! 
That video's free? 
Can't be. How can it be free? 
It's free when you subscribe to Sports Illustrated. Save over 50% off the cover price. 
Oh, I'd go for it in a heartbeat. 
It's something to look in to. 
You get 23 issues including the Baseball Preview and the Swimsuit issue for 3 monthly installments of only $9.89 or you can pay by credit cards, so call now. 
One of the greatest magazines that been around in this country since day one. 
Kinda like Muhammad Ali, it gives you everything. 
Come on gorilla, we in Manila.  
This is Muhammad Ali at his very best. Unbelievable that Joe Frazier is still standing.  
You relived great memories of the greatest champion ever. 
You view the legend and the tape was fantastic. 
People who've never seen Ali would love this tape. 
Yes, I recommend it for anybody. 
You can't walk away from this tape without being a Muhammad Ali fan. 
I am the King of the world. 
Hold it, hold it.  
I'm pretty. 
Hold it, you're not that pretty. 
I'm a bad man! 
Call our toll free number now and get knockout savings on Sports Illustrated and get the Muhammad Ali video free. 
I shook up the world! I shook up the world!

Written Text

Heavyweight Championship Fight 
Free With Paid Subscription 
Save over 50% off the cover price. 
Sports Illustrated 
23 Issues 
3 Installments of $9.89 
Phones open 24 hours

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