From the Robert Evans NBC anti-drug TV special featuring Burt Reynolds. Bob Hope. Paul Newman. Henry "Fonz" Winkler, Bruce Jenner. Erik Estrada, Mohammad Ali, Ted Nugent, John Travolta, Cheryl Tiegs, Tracy Austin, Carol Burnett. 
"Get High on yourself commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I know the kind of determination it takes to be a winner. It's not always easy, but anyone can do it. By taking pride in yourself. So get high on yourself.  
(Lyrics) Doo doo doo doo 
Doo doo doo doo 
You can be somebody with a plan of your own 
You can say "no" and you won't be alone 
Get higher than you have ever known,  
By making up your own mind,  
Doing things your own way, 
Setting up your own style,  
By being yourself 
Being yourself 
You can be somebody with your own point of view 
Just by acting yourself in whatever you do 
You can be somebody 'cause the choice is up to you 
By making up your own mind 
Doing things your own way 
Setting up your own style 
Be yourself 
Being yourself 
Being yourself

Written Text

Get High On Yourself 
An Alternative To Drugs 
Furnished as a public service by Get High On Yourself And NBC

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