"DJ Khaled - Nail Salon" 
Millions and millions of songs. Apple Music. 
This ad features Ray Liotta and DJ Khaled sitting in a nail salon getting pampered. Khaled is explaining to Liotta how Apple Music works, and Liotta doesn't believe it can be done for just $9.99 per month with the "thousands and thousands and thousands" of possible songs out there.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Ray Liotta: Explain it to me again. For, for $9.99 a month, you can pick any song and it's gonna come up on your phone. 
DJ Khaled: As long as it's on Apple Music.  
Ray Liotta: There's thousands and thousands and thousands of songs! 
DJ Khaled: I promise you. 
Ray Liotta: There's no way. 
DJ Khaled: Challenge me. 
Ray Liotta: Do "Minute by Minute" by Doobie Brothers. 
DJ Khaled: Play "Minute by Minute" by The Doobie Brothers. 
Ray Liotta: "Minute by Minute" by The Doobie Brothers. 
DJ Khaled: Don't ever play yourself, Ray. I'm telling you. 
Ray Liotta: No, what'd you just say to me? 
DJ Khaled: That I don't want you to play yourself, Ray. 
Ha ha ha ha hahahaha! 
DJ Khaled: Ray, you had me. 
Ray Liotta: You didn't see that one coming.

Written Text

Thousands and thousands. 
Millions and millions of songs. 
Apple Music 
Get three months free now.

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