Ontario is taking action on climate change. We’re building on the progress we’ve made to end coal-fired electricity generation, build transit-friendly communities and help businesses reduce emissions. Together with our partners across Ontario and around the world, we’re working to better protect the environment, our health and a strong economy. 
"Kids Talk Climate Change (:60)"

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Dear adults... 
Dear grown-ups... are not listening to children. gets hot. 
It's melting the ice and it's falling into the ocean and it's melting in the ocean and raising sea levels. 
We will not have more trees or plants for oxygen.  
Some planet's feeling sad. I don't know if you can see the tears there. 
Dear Earth... 
Get well soon. 
This is my idea. 
My idea. 
My idea for solving climate change. 
It's kind of like sunscreen for the planet.  
The little cars are using solar panels. 
The air gets in to the car through this little air hole. 
The fan should be on super high speed.  
And the sun is going into the solar panel. 
Climate change sucks.  
Climate change is serious, it's not like it's fake or anything. It's not like it's an April Fool's joke. It's real. 
Be a part of Ontario's climate change action plan at

Written Text

How Will You Stop Climate Change? 
Let's not leave this for our kids to figure out. 
Our today. Their tomorrow. 
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