The beauty of football, captured by fans and their iPhones. 
"Shot on iPhone - The beautiful game"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) This is our story, this is our fate 
This is our kingdom, this is our place 
This is our freedom, cut off them chains 
This is our struggle, this is our pain 
This is our love, this is our trust 
This is our daughters, this is our sons 
Give me back my wings 
Oh, so this is our message, this is our faith 
This is our voice, this is our names 
This is our win, this is our fail 
This is our story, this is our tale 
Our tale

Written Text

by Joel A. 
by John L. 
by Dirk B. 
by Dina A. 
by Trisikh S. 
by Joao Marcos P. 
by Jayeon L. 
by Marcin K. 
by Santosh M. 
by Alexander P. 
by Nico S. 
by Leonardo S. 
by Miguel F. 
by Ben O. 
by Guillaume L. 
by Koji Y. 
The Beautiful Game 
Shot On iPhone

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