This claymation / stop-motion commercial shows a support group for things/characters that people don't believe exist. Members of the group include Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Bigfoot, a leprechaun, and alien, a fairy, and the new guy - a Dr. Pepper employee promoting Diet Dr. Pepper. He is a member of the group because no one can believe that there is such thing as a delicious diet drink.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Santa: You bust your hump, down the chimney, stuff the stockings, over and over... 
Diet Dr. Pepper Guy: Ah, people still don't believe. 
Bigfoot: Arrrrw? 
Santa: What do you know about it, new guy? 
Diet Dr. Pepper Guy: Diet Dr Pepper has 23 satisfying flavors and no calories. 
Easter Bunny: Yeah, right. Gimme that. (pours and drinks) Sweet chocolate candy! Marshmallows, jelly bean! That is good. 
Santa: So you want people to believe there's a satifying diet drink? 
Diet Dr. Pepper Guy: Yeah... 
Santa: Well, good luck with that one, bud!

Written Text

"I Exist" 
Support Group 
unbelievably satisfying 
Dr Pepper Diet

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It plays...

Do You Believe In Love
performed by Huey Lewis and the News

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