On June 9, two worlds collide. #SparkBrilliance 
"Nike Football's The Switch - Official Trailer ft. Cristiano Ronaldo"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Ronaldo's away. 
I'm Cristiano Ronaldo? 
I'm Cristiano Ronaldo, what am I doing here? 
(Lyrics) More time with the Gs 
More time aim for the Co-Ds 
On the block with the mandem 
And you know we don't like beliefs 
From day one, nigga, I'll buck and squeeze 
I'll pop the streets, yeah, I'll do it with ease 
South is where you'll find me 
Don't trust anyone cuh the road's grimy

Written Text

Nike Football Presents 
A Spark Brilliance Production 
One Moment 
Can Change Everything 
The Switch 
Coming June 9 
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