They ain't afraid of no ghosts. #Ghostbusters 
In theaters July 15th. 
"GHOSTBUSTERS - Who You Gonna Call? (In Theaters July 15)"

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Are you the Ghostbusters? 
Guilty as charged. 
We see things no one else is willing to see. 
You saw a ghost? 
Like that movie with Patrick Swayze? 
Yeah. He was behind me and we made a vase. 
We do things other can't do. Now there's sightings all over the city. 
We might be the only ones who can stop it. 
Time to catch a ghost! I don't know if it was a race thing or a lady thing, but I'm mad as hell. 
(Lyrics) Who you gonna call? 
In my closet, down the hall 
I see shadows all on my wall 

Written Text

On July 15 
They Ain't Afraid 

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