After being drafted, Ben Simmons finally stars in a real Foot Locker commercial. The advice he gets from last year’s top rookies is way more real too. 
"Foot Locker – It’s Real Now feat. Ben Simmons, Karl-Anthony Towns, Devin Booker and D’Angelo Russell"

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Yo, Karl. Nice gear. Foot Locker? 
No doubt. 
So, any advice now that I've been drafted? 
Getting drafted doesn't mean a thing. Now the real work starts. This isn't college. This is a grown man's league. Tell him, Devin. 
That's right. Nothing comes easy anymore.  
Anything else I should know, D'Angelo? 
You got a phone? Trust me.

Written Text

It's Real Now 
Foot Locker 
If It's Here It's Approved. 

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