State Farm is always there, with car insurance, for when things go wrong. But also here with car loans, to help life go right. 
"State Farm Commercial - Jacked Up"

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Call you back. Is this my car?  
State Farm knows that for every one of those moments... 
What? This is ridiculous! 
...there's one of these. 
I gotta go. Is this my car? What? This is ridiculous! 
This can't be happening! 
This can't be happening! 
Oh, it's happening, sweetheart. 
Oh, it's happening, sweetheart. 
Shut up! 
Shut up! 
That's why State Farm is there.  
What a day. 
With car insurance for when things go wrong. 
What a day! 
But also here, with car loans, to help life go right. State Farm.

Written Text

Car Insurance 
Car Loans 
Here to help life go right. 
State Farm 
Talk to an agent today | 800-STATE-FARM

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