Jim Gaffigan is proud of his Chrysler Pacifica. With available safety features like Blind Spot Monitoring and Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist, this minivan has earned it. "Earn It | Jim Gaffigan | Chrysler Pacifica"

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What kind of man drives the all new Chrysler Pacifica? A man dedicated to protecting his family. It may be loaded with all these safety and security features. Oh, look at that. But this hyper-vigilance isn't about me. Now it's about my kids. Dad, can I go get ice cream? Nah. I'm good. I need to use the bathroom. Yeah, well I need to take a nap. Have I told you guys that I'm proud of you? No. That's right. You have to earn it. (Lyrics) A real human being

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Blind Spot Warning Lane Departure Warning With Lane Keep Assist All-New Chrysler Pacifica Chrsyler Imported From Detroit

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