The Chrysler Pacifica is loaded with safety and security features. That means, whether Jim Gaffigan is stuck in traffic, getting food, or at the soccer field, he’s dedicated to protecting his family. Now that’s what we’re talking about. 
"Soccer | Jim Gaffigan | Chrysler Pacifica"

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What kind of man drives the all new Chrysler Pacifica? A man dedicated to protecting his family. It may be loaded with all these safety and security features. Oh, look at that. But this hyper-vigilance isn't about me. It's about my kids. Which I always make priority number one. Hey girl! 
Did you drop the kids off at soccer? 
Uh, no, I'm stuck in traffic. 
You stopped for food, didn't you? 
Um, Dad? 
Oh. Soccer game's not here? 
No it is not. It is at the soccer field.  
I-I told you, Jack. 
I don't know what you're talking about.  
It's not good to be a bad person. 
A real human being

Written Text

Chrysler Pacifica 
Imported From Detroit

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