Jim Gaffigan sees everything with his Chrysler Pacifica with available 360° Surround View Camera and Rear Park Assist with Stop, but that wagon’s still not going to move itself. 
"See Everything | Jim Gaffigan | Chrysler Pacifica"

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To have a good dad brand you have to be all-knowing and all-seeing, and that's where the all new Chrysler Pacifica comes in. I see a bicycle, a skateboard, a kiddie pool. Now I see a wagon.  
Oh I see weeds that need to be pulled, bushes that need to be trimmed. It looks like the lawn could use some... 
All right. Point made. Well, that wagon's not gonna move itself. I'll time you. One, two... 
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Written Text

Rear Park Assist With Stop 
Chrysler Pacifica 
Imported From Detroit

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