The Verizon Win-Win-Win Event - When you switch to Verizon you get America's largest, most reliable network, $650 to break free of your old contract, and when you buy an 16GB iPhone 6S you get a second one free when you add a second line. 
"Verizon | The Verizon Win-Win-Win Event"

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The Verizon Win-Win-Win event is back with the iPhone. Win number one, you get America's largest, most reliable, most consistently fast 4G LTE network. Win number 2, we'll pay up to $650 when you switch and trade in your phone. And the third win? When you buy a 16 GB iPhone 6S on the best network, you'll get a second one free when you add a second line. Now you can have it all at the Win-Win-Win event, at Verizon stores and Offers end June 30th.

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The Verizon Win-Win-Win Event is back.  
Win #1 
Win #2 
We'll pay you up to $650 to help you switch. 
Win #3 
Buy one 16GB iPhone 6s. 
Get one free. 
Go to any Verizon store or visit 
Offers end June 30th. 
Better matters. 

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