Fun people always serve fun ice cream! In this Blue Bunny MIni Swirls commercial, a couple is hosting a dinner party that doesn't seem to be going particularly well. The woman walks into the kitchen to tell her husband that it's time for the dessert - ice cream. But the husband didn't buy the right ice cream. He bought the "fancy" ice cream instead of Blue Bunny, the fun ice cream. Thankfully, there was a supply of Blue Bunny in the freezer. Dinner party saved! 
"2016 Blue Bunny TV Commercial – Fun People"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I agree, Carol. Cats are just like people. We need the dessert. What's this? 
Where are the mini swirls? The-the Funwiches? 
You said get the ice cream so I got the ice cream. 
Oh boy. 
Not the fancy ice cream, fun ice cream. We're fun people, Tom.  
We are? 
Talk about a teachable moment.  
Blue Bunny Mini Swirls. So much flavor, so much fun. So Hoppin' good.

Written Text

Blue Bunny Ice Cream 
So Hoppin' Good

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