"Visa | The Carpool to Rio - feat. Team Visa Olympians Ashton Eaton and Missy Franklin" 
This ad begins with Olympic Gold Medalist, Valerie Adams in bed with her alarm going off. She reaches over, but instead of just turning it off, she throws it through the wall of her house and it lands in her neighbor's yard. She gets up and starts her day by pre-ordering her morning drink with Visa Checkout on her phone. She drives to the local ferry where she picks up the drink she ordered. , but instead of getting on the ferry, she just parks in the lot and swims across the water (faster than the boat). Olympic swimmer, Missy Franklin also meets up with the ferry - after swimming next to it for a while. The two of them pick up two synchronized divers in a minivan, and a decathlete. They pass by a gymnast flipping down the highway before they stop for gas (paying with Visa, of course) and seeing a runner pass by. They continue on and a biking team passes them as they drive down the highway. They end up stopping at another gas station later on to pick up some snacks, and it is full of athletes as well. We follow more runners, a Taekwondo athlete who kicks down a door, volleyball players. All these athletes are making they way to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the 2016 Olympic Games. 
It’s just like your morning commute, except with way more Olympians. Ride along with the athletes of Team Visa as they click, swipe, dip and tap their way to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Visa. Everywhere You Want To Be 
Maria Espinoza - Taekwondo, MEX; Valerie Adams - Shot Put, NZ; Missy Franklin - Swimming, USA; Jennifer Abel & Pamela Ware - Synchronized Diving, CAN; Ashton Eaton - Decathlon, USA

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Wake up people. The Olympic Games start today. Now here's Mike with the weather. 
Morning Val. 
Good luck in Rio. 
What's the holdup? 
Hi, Missy. 
Morning, Wayde. 
It's got to be South. 
50, 55, 60... wait, hold up. 
As athletes around the world, run, bike and swim their way to Rio, they choose Visa, the only way to click, swipe, dip and tap at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.  
(Lyrics) Oh, 25 miles from home, girl 
My feet are hurtin' mighty bad 
I got to keep on walkin' 
Oh I got to walk on 
Let me tell you

Written Text

Visa Checkout 
Rio 2016 
Auto Ferry 
New Zealand, Canada, USA, Nederland, South Africa, Brazil 
Gas & Food To Go 
Bem-vindo ao Rio - Welcome to Rio 
Visa - Everywhere you want to be 
Visa Olympic Worldwide Sponsor 
Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

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What Songs are featured in this Television Commercial?

It plays...
Twenty-Five Miles performed by Edwin Starr

Twenty-Five Miles
performed by Edwin Starr

This Song is played in Visa Commercial for Summer Olympic

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