Have you ever felt your mirror doesn’t compliment you enough? Neither have we! James Blunt has a ‘Beautiful’ dream to change all that though... 
"The National Lottery – #PleaseNotThem - James Blunt 40s – Lotto"

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I want to reach out to the ordinary people in this country and say, hey, you may look painfully ordinary on the outside, but on the inside, you're beautiful. Probably. So I've developed a technology to communicate with people through their mirrors. It's hard to overstate how much it would mean to the average person to get a visit from me. I mean, look, it's James Blunt. 
Hello, you. 
I just need one big lotto win. 
Hi there. 
And since there's been over 140 millionaires since October, well, things are looking...beautiful. 
Anyone can win with Lotto. Please, don't let it be him. 
(Lyrics) You're beautiful 
You're beautiful 
You're beautiful it's true

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Over 140 Millionaires Since October

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