Summer 1977. New York City is broken down and beaten-up. Armed only with verbal games, improvised dance steps, some markers and spray cans, this rag-tag crew of South Bronx teenagers will make a pact that becomes bigger than all of them and change their lives -- and the world -- forever. 
"The Get Down - "Rule the World" - Netflix [HD]"

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That's how I'm gonna go down. Do or die.  
(Lyrics) I came from the city 
Back in the time 
1977, it was maximum crime 
The Bronx, we had to rumble with rivals on the rubble while buildings around us were crumbled 
But yo, my life began last year 
Sophomore of high school 
That summer I saw her I said to myself, 'she'll be my wife soon'

Written Text

Baz Luhrmann 
A Netflix Original Series 
The Get Down 
Only On Netflix 
August 12 

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