"Great Northern - River Run TVC" 
This ad shows a bunch of guys out in the woods near a creek. One guy puts a six pack (minus one for himself) of Great Northern beer in the creek and it starts floating away as he whistles to someone down stream. Two guys grab them as they come down and take one for each of them. Then they let the rest go down the stream for someone else. It makes it out to a lake where three guys are fishing and they take the rest.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Great Northern Brewing Company. The beer from up here. 
Time to escape cause I'm in need of warmer weather 
Sail upon the stream to find there's someplace better 
And I'm going far and wide 
I tick my heels to climb the highest of the borders(?) 
And if I feel the need I'll dance in the waters 
Cause I'm moving far and wide 
And I'm going far and wide

Written Text

Great Northern Brewing Co. 
Super Crisp Lager 
The beer from up here 
Brewed in Queensland

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