"PlayStation 4 Official "Greatness Within" - Summer 2016 Commercial" Check out the latest from The Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn, No Man's Sky, and Gran Turismo Sport.

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What is greatness? It's not armor, but it will stop bullets. It's not the war paint on your face, but it will make your enemies tremble. It's not a hammer, but it will make walls fall. It's not a cape, but it will help you soar over the sun. It's not a helmet, but it will help you win the race. It's not a spaceship, but it will take you as far as you will ever go. Because greatness is not something you surround yourself with. Greatness lies within. PlayStation (Lyrics) Ain't no foolin' When you've been fooled

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PS Greatness awaits PS4

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performed by Black Mountain

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